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Trusting Medvedev

By on 7.7.09 | 1:11PM

It is easy to reach agreement if you only discuss things on which you agree. 

Trusting Medvedev
By Asher Embry

“I trust President Medvedev,” Barack firmly states.
And we’ve seen O’s a great judge of character traits.
As with Bill Ayers and Rezko and Reverend Wright, too,
Can we doubt O’s assessment of Dmitri rings true?

It’s scary indeed what they haven’t discussed
In the midst of this orgy of friendship and trust.
While he lectures at Putin, O’s fans must acknowledge,
He’s as green and naïve as he was when in college.

As he’s boosting the Russians to leadership roles
He abandons our allies, the Czechs and the Poles.
Our nukes, and the Russians’, reduced just on whims,
But there’s barely a peep ‘bout Iranians’ or Kim’s.
And, perchance, might he harness his awesome persuasion
To shift the talks back to the Georgia invasion?

“Reset” our relations? There’s a rule O must heed:
Address only things to which Putin’s agreed.

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