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Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse for the GOP…

By on 7.7.09 | 8:40AM

Philadelphia Weekly recently ran a story on the "growth of a multicultural, progressive survivalist movement," which generated some interesting mail, like this bit from concerned resident Maria Ortiz:

Your survivalist story was not only interesting but also somewhat true. The Bush administration has put this country on the edge of chaos with its lack of policing; I do not just mean literal policing but also regulatory efforts that create fair exchange. My family is from Mexico, many are members of the Latin Kings, many worship at the altar of Santisima Muerte and help the Mexican cartels with their business. My American friends do not realize what a danger these entities are. The next step is kidnapping. I know from a man who married into the family that University of Pennsylvania students are going to be targets—mainly young Republicans because they will elicit the least public sympathy. 

Interesting and somewhat true--high praise! As for the rest, it is reassuring to learn child, gangbanger and Newsweek alike all understand there is enough despair in the world already without us collectively losing any sunshine-spewing, hope-mongering Obama supporters. Know your real enemy, people--and kidnap them!

The tragedy, of course, is the Monopoly Man is in no position now to pay all the ransom demands the Latin Kings will no doubt soon flood his inbox with.  

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