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Our New Diplomat?

By on 6.30.09 | 4:49PM

Speculation that Clinton apologist Sidney Blumenthal will join Hillary’s State Department team may bring inquiry about the statute of limitations for spreading disinformation about Monica Lewinsky. Is this hiring a sign that the Obama Administration is rethinking its foreign policy strategy of apology and appeasement and adding loathsome propagandists to its diplomatic ranks? Does it mean that Ahmadinejad and Kim have reached “Kenneth Starr” villain status?

Our New Diplomat?  
By Asher Embry

Is there no better diplomat
Than Sidney, who insisted that
Lewinsky, who his boss defiled,
Was “stalking” Clinton all the while?

In statesmanship, precisely what’s
Equivalent to “nuts and sluts”?
That pretext, Sid had oft implored,
Would save the Prez he so adored.

How grand that State would hire Sid
Because the shady tricks he did.
No better statement there could be
To show the “world community”
They’re judging young Barack all wrong.
He isn’t weak, he’s really strong:
He’s finished with apologies;
Moved on to Sid’s mendacities.

Could this be true? The answer’s “nope.”
But we can always pray and “hope.”

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