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Tantrum in the House

By on 11.18.05 | 7:07PM

Read the AP report to catch up on today's back and forth on the Murtha resolution. The highlight:

The fiery, emotional debate climaxed when Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio, the most junior member of the House, told of a phone call she received from a Marine colonel.

"He asked me to send Congress a message - stay the course. He also asked me to send Congressman Murtha a message - that cowards cut and run, Marines never do," Schmidt said.

Democrats booed and shouted her down - causing the House to come to a standstill.

Rep. Harold Ford (news, bio, voting record), D-Tenn., charged across the chamber's center aisle screaming that it was an uncalled for personal attack. "You guys are pathetic. Pathetic," yelled Rep. Marty Meehan (news, bio, voting record), D-Mass.

Most Republicans oppose Murtha's call for withdrawal, and some Democrats also have been reluctant to back his position.

C-Span is replaying the debate from earlier today right now. Stay tuned.

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