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VA Gubernatorial Debate: All three Democrats leave the door open to tax hikes

By on 6.3.09 | 10:05PM

Debating in Virginia tonight, all three Democratic gubernatorial primary candidates left the door wide open to imposing tax hikes on their constituents if elected. 

When asked by a voter (via YouTube) "How much are you going to raise our taxes?", each candidate refused to rule out tax hikes, using classic word choice to do so:

Creigh Deeds:  "Don't intend to raise taxes.  I do not intend to raise taxes.  I've never taken a no-tax-pledge because I think it's irresponsible.  But it's not my intent to raise taxes."

Terry McAuliffe:  "I don't want to raise anyone's taxes.  I want the focus to be on growing our economy, creating new economic revenue.  We're 27th in the country, we're about average on individual taxes, we're 36th out of 50 states on business tax, which is low. I want a climate to bring more business in and keep the small businesses here."

Brian Moran:  "I'm not proposing any tax increases.  The caveat there, is -- and let's be honest, this is leadership -- we need to invest in transportation.  And we must do it in a way that's fair and equitable to Virginians. And that means not just taxing Virginians.  I would not use an income tax for example because that's only Virginians.  But somehow, we have to get everybody together to say ‘Come on, transportation is an economic necessity for Virginia.'"

Clear on that? Deeds said he does not "intend to" raise taxes.  McAuliffe said he does not "want to" raise taxes.  Moran started by saying he's "not proposing" tax hikes, but has a "caveat".

Reassuring, isn't it?

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