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The Curious Case of Dan Burton

By on 6.1.09 | 6:39PM

The Indy Star opines on what will likely be one of the most crowded primary races in the country in 2010. Republican Dan Burton, who has represented Indiana's 5th District since 1983, has spent the past few decades amassing a legacy of missed votes, questionably funded golf trips, embarrassing misstatements and dubious personal behavior and little in the way of legislative accomplishments.

Because of all of this, Burton will face at least four Republican challengers in the 5th district primary. The challengers include former and current State Representatives and an Indianapolis physician who challenged Burton in 2008.

Burton is most likely looking for all the challengers to cancel each other out. Still the sheer number of candidates looking to knock him off will most surely send a message to the voters about sorry state of Burton's reputation both in Indiana and Washington. Should be interesting to watch.

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