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Obama’s Broadway Jaunt

By on 5.31.09 | 11:15AM

President Obama took a break Saturday with a jaunt to New York City for dinner and a Broadway play.  But don’t be concerned, he took the small jet (along with two others).

Obama’s Broadway Jaunt      
By Asher Embry

Kim Jong Il’s deployed plutonium, and missles, threats, and lies.
Iran is daily plotting still for Israel’s demise.

In Pakistan there’s turmoil and the country could implode.
Near Georgia, Russia readies troops and trouble they forebode.

At home, our spending’s soaring, and our deficits balloon.
Tax revenues are sinking fast, down drastically through June.

GM’s declaring bankruptcy, and no one knows who else.
So all of us are cutting back and tightening our belts.

While “everyday Americans” are struggling every day,
So glad Barack could find the time for dinner and Broadway.

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