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Obama Funny Money

By on 5.25.09 | 1:20AM

Long live PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator!

Let's take a look at some of the Obama funny money now showing up online.

From Enter Stage Right:

From Conor's Fundraising Blog:

From Uptown Flavor:

From the People's Cube (may be ordered from the People's Cube, an excellent satirical website):

And this one from Light of Liberty seems especially appropriate given that the Obama administration and congressional Democrats conspired to repeal the Clinton era welfare reforms by burying repeal language deep in the February stimulus legislation:

But this one which substitutes the ACORN logo for the seal of the U.S. Treasury as posted at the Berman Post is my favorite so far:

It won't be so funny when America --and the world-- is crippled by the coming hyperinflation that Obama's policies will cause. In the end the joke will be on us.

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