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Praise Our Heroes

By on 5.24.09 | 12:03PM

This editorial today of ours at the Washington Times was one of the most personally moving I have worked on in a long time (moving to me to research and do the interview, that is). What thousands of Americans went through in Bataan in 1942 should bring tears to any eye. Even more remarkable is the lack of apparent bitterness that people like Ben Steele (featured in the editorial) give evidence of. Interviewed by phone at age 91, Steele is engaging, sharp, and extremely forthcoming. I am in awe at his service, and deeply appreciative of all who serve in our nation's uniform. Tomorrow we remember those who "gave the last full measure of devotion" -- those in all our wars who, unlike Steele, did not return alive. Bless them all. And thank their families.

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