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Obama-Proof Senate?

By on 5.21.09 | 2:20PM

After the Senate voted 90-6 to deny funds for closing Gitmo, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs conceded that “the Congress deserves more detail in a plan.” A plan before a vote?  What a novel idea.

Obama-Proof Senate?      
By Asher Embry

They passed Obama’s Stimulus in something like a minute;
They clearly didn’t care to know exactly what was in it.
They also spent a fortune when the Senate passed his budget;
With little explanation, Orzag easily could fudge it.

In days of old, the Senate needed 50 votes to act.
Next, only legislation passed which 60 members backed.
But with its Gitmo vote perhaps a different day began:
It takes 90 votes against him to force “O” to have a plan?

They’re tackling education, health care, energy and more;
Fundamentally they’ve changed our lives; sent Trillions out the door.
All Spring they’ve legislated without caring why or how.
Suddenly they want a plan? What’s happened up ‘til now?

They need a plan for everything before they pass a bill!
If they don’t take this seriously, then voters surely will.

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