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Biden’s Disclosed Location

By on 5.19.09 | 3:50PM

Perhaps we all should have expected “Gaffing” Joe Biden’s braggadocio disclosure (at a Gridiron Club dinner) of the infamous “undisclosed location” established to protect our next-in-line Vice President.  What with Speaker Pelosi’s charging that the CIA lied to Congress, and Intelligence Committee Chair Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s publicly disclosing the (classified) basing of Predator drones inside Pakistan, we wondered if this was part of a pattern of insensitive treatment of sensitive information by Democrats. In any event, Democrats sure seem to be living up to their reputation of being weak on national security. And strong on gaffes.

Biden’s Disclosed Location    
By Asher Embry

Obama’s droning on and on, his points he does repeat;
And with him’s Netanyahu growing antsy in his seat.
The President’s in lecture mode; it’s more than we can bear;
He seldom speaks concisely when no teleprompter’s near.

They praise his oratory, but a tad of free advice:
Ix-nay on the prattling; you make Biden seem concise.

They’ve kept the VP quiet but each time his lips do flap,
He rapidly reminds us why they keep him under wrap.
He tries, no doubt sincerely, just to keep his yapper shut,
But thankfully each week or so he takes a verbal strut!

We all were “Bidened” recently when swine flu fears rose high.
Joe warned his kin off Amtrak trains and told them not to fly.
He dinged the travel industry, already on its knees;
It seems he lives in abject fear of passengers who sneeze.

Not long ago, with tablemates, while supping at the Club,
(Just maybe he imbibed a bit, to complement the grub)
While telling tales replete with his unique exaggeration,
Joe seemingly revealed the famous “undisclosed location.”

Now often Joe’s preposterous gaffes elicit only groans,
But Nancy’s trashed the CIA; Diane’s exposing drones;
A Democratic pattern, not just careless Biden quips;
Did they forget the World War II decree?  Loose lips sink ships.

So, Secret Service, don’t delay your careful preparation;
Biden quickly needs another undisclosed location.
It’s really quite important given everything we know;
Remember Nancy’s next in line if Biden were to go.

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