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Another Day, Another Pelosi Explanation

By on 5.12.09 | 6:11PM

Another day, another Pelosi explanation of what she knew about the “torture” she so abhors -- and when she knew it. On top of everything else, she’s upstaged by her nemesis, Rep. Jane Harman. 

Nancy Pelosi is No Paul Revere
(with apologies to Longfellow)

By Asher Embry

Listen, Pelosi, and you shall hear,
Of the CIA briefings and what they made clear.
On the fourth of September, Two Thousand and Two
Zubaydah’s tough treatment was detailed for you.
You’re feigning of shock now is just cavalier.

It’s hard to believe that you simply forgot,
When you said so emphatically that you “were not
Ever told that the CIA used EIT’s,
Did KSM sing ‘cause we said “pretty please?”
There’s no one who really thinks that’s what you thought.

Face it, dear Nancy, we think it’d be wise,
To stop digging holes when you’re caught telling lies.
You’ve a good many reasons this happened, you say;
But did no one explain they can’t change every day?
It does come back to haunt, when you politicize.

The outrage is not what we did to our foes,
But the fact that our secrets you’d gladly expose.
You criticize Bush but it surely must chafe,
That he and his plans did in fact keep us safe.
While you, when it mattered, didn’t even oppose.

Perhaps the “Truth Hearings” you so want to see,
Should explore the effects of your hypocrisy.

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