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Trabant meets Obama

By on 4.30.09 | 2:52PM

Cafe Hayek has something you'll want to be seated to read (put it this way: even NPR was taken aback). Seated, that is, preferably not in one of those museum-bound vehicles as you have come to know them:

In this NPR interview, Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA, gives her perspective (and her boss's) on the auto industry (HT: TJ Goss). In the second quote from her, I have tried to reproduce the sounds she makes in trying to avoid telling a ridiculous lie. She tells it anyway. From the 3:35 mark of the interview:

Jackson: The President has said-and I couldn't agree more-that what this country needs is one single national road map that tells auto makers who are trying to become solvent again, what kind of car it is they need to be designing and building for the American people.

NPR reporter (interrupting): Is that the role of the government. though? I mean that doesn't sound like free enterprise.

Jackson: Well, ih it , it is free enterprise in a way. Umm uhh you know, first and foremost the free enterprise system has us where we are right this second (laughs) and so some would argue that the government already has a much larger role than we might have when Henry Ford rolled the first cars off the assembly line.

Trabant meets Obama...the TraBama 2010, brought to you by the EBA, the Everything's our Business Agency.

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