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The Tortured Moralist

By on 11.14.05 | 5:42PM

Jimmy Carter, the media's idea of a good Christian, is very adept at deleting from his dog-eared bible any passages that conflict with the platform of the Democratic Party. In this column, he ranks the harsh treatment of terrorists as America's most unforgivable sin. The legality of "torture" -- what that means according to international standards isn't clear -- makes him squirm. But his conscience grows a little more elastic when the legality of abortion comes up. Another distressing crisis for Carter is the "increasingly intertwined" relationship between "church and state." He punctuates this hysterical contention by declaring the intertwining "unimaginable." To anybody who has cracked open an American history book and studied the country's first 180 years, the emergence of religion in the public square is quite imaginable.

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