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By on 4.26.09 | 5:59PM

In a rare Sunday White House press briefing, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano spoke about emergency steps (including "passive" border protocols) being taken to address the threat of swine flu coming from Mexico. On Wednesday, President Obama plans to hold a prime-time news conference to celebrate his first 100 days in office.

More Pernicious Pork
By Asher Embry

This latest threat from Mexico,
Just couldn't be ignored by "O."
But don't disturb his golfing game,
So Homeland's problem this became.

Out strode his Sec. of DHS,
To detail how she'd solve this mess.
The chance, she thought with jubilation,
To mend her ragged reputation.
She's hoping pig flu won't foment,
A "Brownie"-esque embarrassment.

Napolitano made a vow:
She'll watch our borders closer now.
Guns and drugs may still deceive her;
Just don't exhibit signs of fever.

With thoughts of Wednesday's coming speech,
Did these announcements overreach?
Did Rahm mean this when he said: Seize,
Don't waste, these opportunities.

The lesson "O" must surely see.
No longer can he disagree.
It may have taken Doctors' orders,
To finally protect our borders.

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