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By on 4.21.09 | 9:42PM

Don Todd, head researcher for Americans for Limited Government, has the scoop on a number of Obamanoms, administration appointments pending approval in the Senate. That some presidential nominations will run into trouble with their backgrounds is nowadays a given, but it's truly remarkable how many of Obama's nominees for senior government positions have been dinged, disqualified, and ditched due to serious issues related to ethics, finances, or some combination. Worse, the drive-by media isn't even attempting to create the appearance of covering these nomination Obaminations, and we haven't even scratched the surface with confirmations for underesecretaries, deputy assistant secretaries, and the like.

Take current Seattle, Wash., police chief Gil Kerlikowske, he of the "Don't Ask" policy for illegal immigrants, who suffered an 80% no-confidence vote from his rank-and-file police officers after a $1.75 million wrongful death settlement, who has been nominated to be Obama's "Drug Czar." Based on Chief Kerlikowske's record, the nomination is kind of a good-news, bad-news situation. It's good news for Seattle, because without Kerlikowske out there, the crime rate is certain to go down. It's bad news for us, because now the rest of the country is stuck with this light-on-crime, anti-gun-rights, no-harm-no-foul-on-pot nominee. Frankly, I'm surprised Chief Kerlikowske's name wasn't mentioned as a possible nominee for Attorney General.

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