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Hugo’s Book Club

By on 4.20.09 | 4:42PM

Sometimes a gift is not a gift:

Hugo’s Book Club
By Asher Embry

Not even Oprah can compete,
With Hugo’s latest PR feat.
The Venezuelan used our Prez,
And pulled a classic “Stunt Chavez.”

Not since he duped Joe Kennedy,
To give away his oil for “free,”
Has there been such a promo coup,
(The use of “coup” I shouldn’t do.)

To get attention for his stunt,
He chose Obama to confront.
Then gave a book reviling us,
To justify his animus.

At Amazon, it climbs the charts,
Up almost to the top it darts.
It came so close but didn’t win,
Let’s give three cheers for Mark Levin.

Still Chavez dominates the news,
To propagate his lefty views.
While yet again Obama’s “charm,”
This enmity did not disarm.

So did Barack a lesson learn?
Apologies on us can turn.
A thug like Chavez only hears,
The worst when using hate-filled ears.

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