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Scenes from the DC Tea Party

By on 4.15.09 | 1:51PM

These were all taken at Lafayette Park, across from the White House, around noon. Several thousand people* came out, as the rain poured down.


*UPDATE: I see there's a debate over crowd estimates. Unfortunately, there's no way to know for sure, as there is no entity making an official estimate and people came and went over a several-hour period. I estimated several thousand based on comparable crowd sizes at events I attended during the presidential campaign season, but if somebody makes a compelling argument for why I'm wrong, then I'd be happy to note that. My intention wasn't to purposely exaggerate the turnout. The photos above aren't very indicative of the size of the crowd, because they were taken in the portions of the park that were less densely populated, thus allowing me to easily roam around. That would not have been possible closer to the stage, where people were tightly packed together. Also, people were spread out all over the park, in all directions around the stage. I tried to get an overhead photo that would have conveyed a better sense of the crowd size, but I was unable to get to a high enough vantage point.

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