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By on 11.12.05 | 12:26PM

Looking back at the lovely month of October and pronunciamentos made by me during the month I am startled.

History is going my way. In my October 27 column I predicted that Harriet Miers's ill-conceived nomination to the high court would be withdrawn owing to the White House's perfectly sensible reluctance to allow the snoops of the Senate to see documents relating to her work as White House counsel. Whamo! By the next day she was withdrawing for that very reason.

But that is not my only copper bottom prediction of October. On October 23 on this very blog I predicted that Karl Rove would not be indicted by special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald because "the only problem with Rove's grand jury testimony that we are aware of is that he neglected to mention a meeting with a reporter during one of his grand jury appearances. It is unlikely that this omission could constitute grounds for an indictment. Innocent failure to recall when not asked a specific question is not a crime. When Rove was asked specifically about the meeting he apparently acknowledged it."

Now is it time for me to predict his boss's fate? I have some presentiments, but I dare not lay them down. The burden of my personal responsibility for history is too great. As for my last month's predictions, it is time to pop a bottle of Pol Roger.

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