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Hillyer, Cox, and the Art of the Liberal Hit Piece

By on 3.6.09 | 4:28PM

Quin Hillyer's gem of an investigative article looking into Time magazine's attack on Chris Cox is a must read. The ins-and-outs of SEC goings-on under Cox are well explained. But the real point here is that the Time piece on Cox (for the record, a former colleague from Reagan days) is a typical example of the problem conservatives have had through the years. To wit: liberals controlling the mainstream media and setting the template for what is and is not the "truth." The objective of Time was to discredit not just Cox, a conservative star with a great deal of respect, but conservatism as applied in the SEC. So, make it up when the facts don't fit the premise, a game which Quin has quite ably exposed.

The very real problem in this instance for liberals, as it will be throughout the next four years, is that victory has now brought responsibility. They have a free hand to implement and prove the worth of the philosophy conservatives -- and the bulk of the American people -- have rejected with considerable regularity for decades. Rejected for reasons too many to go into here. And, surprise surprise, as the stock market is vividly recording, yet again the liberal view of how the world works is shown not to be working. As conservatives have insisted, it never does. So the need is for the other side to do everything it can by re-setting the template, to control the narrative, to ensure at all costs that liberalism escapes the tag for what is happening right now -- with liberal hands on the wheel.

Quin has done a great job of, piece by piece, charge by charge, stick by stick, showing up this Time article on Cox for exactly what Quin correctly labels it to be: a hit job.

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