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Progressive Republicans of the World, Unite!

By on 3.4.09 | 10:59AM

One of Comrade Obama's commissars writes, in a column declaring Rush Limbaugh an Enemy of the People, what has to be the most revealing of his many hard left sentiments:

"There is still time for Washington Republicans to join some of their colleagues outside the Beltway and become partners in progress."

There are other ways to reveal you're on board. Kathleen Parker, for instance, earns today's Brooks Prize, which goes to anyone who will not utter a critical word about the President Who Will Not Be Alllowed to Fail without also making sure to criticize, in harsher terms, Rush Limbaugh and his admirers, say, even if the latter's criticism of Obama is no different from what they would write.

Does Ms. Parker really think that Limbaugh doesn't agree with her that "spending nonexistent trillions [isn't] quite the way to proceed in an economic crisis." So what's her problem?

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