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Re: Joe Carter, Rush, and Paul Harvey

By on 3.2.09 | 10:52AM


I share your great love of Paul Harvey.  There was something about the way he spoke on the radio that completely captured me.  I can't recall having ever switched him off.  And the thing was, he was just as wonderful talking about the latest Coleman Thermos or Bose Wave Radio as he was talking about the economy.  Surely, the advertisers compensated him well for selling their products so gracefully and so convincingly. 

Where I differ is with your tone regarding Rush Limbaugh.  Like you, I don't agree with everything he says.  But the man deserves more props than you seem willing to give.  He is more than an entertainer.  He is simply the best talk radio host who has ever lived. 

I don't mean to insult Sean Hannity, but Rush is far better than Hannity in the radio format.  He's far better than anyone toiling in the genre he single-handedly created.  The only thing I don't like about Rush's show is the callers, but he is less likely to lean on them as a crutch than many of his contemporaries. (Note to callers: the point of you being on the air is to entertain the listeners.  Be good.)

Paul Harvey and the old Reader's Digest gently pushed many millions of Americans to the center-right, but I suspect we would make a mistake to write Rush off as a mere entertainer.  He's made converts of his own.  A great many if I can extrapolate from the number of professional men who have told me their own story of leading their lives as Democrats only to have Rush change their minds like flipping a light switch.  

I suspect he may have Harvey's longevity, too.  It's a very different type of personality and product Rush offers, but it ain't bad.

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