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Re: The Plight of PJTV

By on 2.20.09 | 2:16PM

I agree with basically everything J.P. Freire says about PajamasTV, but I want to deride the venture by praising other, better Rightosphere web video ventures. For example,* does some of the stuff that PJTV does—talk shows, quick takes from employees—but supplements it with actual reporting from events being held by non-libertarians. (terrible name, good people) and ignore the opinion angle and gives young reporters cameras with which they... interview non-conservatives.

If I click over to right now I can watch acidic interviews with dazzled Obama supporters, recorded on the streets of Washington. If I click over to I can watch a reporter ask George Lucas about the stimulus. If I click over to PJTV I can either watch video interviews with conservatives who are already on TV or who want to read their blog posts into a video camera. Who wants to watch that?

It's really unforgiveable that an organization with the start-up capital of PJTV isn't using it to send its cameras out of the studio. Why not hound Rep. John Murtha about his lobbying scandal? Why not show the "monkeygate" New York Post cartoon to actual humans and see if they find it offensive? Even an intra-movement story like the small but rowdy anti-stimulus protests that have followed President Obama would be more interesting than some ill-read rambling by Joe the Plumber.

*Disclosure: I'm a contributing editor of reason magazine.

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