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Les Miserables

By on 2.16.09 | 1:34PM

What is it with the liberal obsession with Republicans? Saturday Night Live opened the other night with a lame, utterly unfunny parody of congressional Republicans talking up their opposition to Obama and the stimulus bill. (You can actually hear nobody laughing!)

Now in a seemingly more serious vein we see E.J. Dionne in hero worship mode as he accompanies the president to Chicago aboard Air Force One. Already in the second sentence of his writeup we get this:

"He … is not bitter about how little help he is getting from Republicans. But he will never again let bipartisanship become the defining test of his success." (Translated: You had your chance, pigs, but you blew it.)

Then, after Dionne spells out the glories of Obama's vision (he loves Sweden), there's a return to that favorite subject: "And where might Republicans fit into all this? Obama still thinks he'll win their support someday on some issues.…"

What is it with these people? Do they need counseling? Has defeating the Republicans left them lonely? Can they not give up the fights of the last eight -- or is it 14, or make it 28 -- years?

Get used to it, guys. You won, however bitter the aftertaste.

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