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Not Exactly a Rousing Endorsement

By on 2.5.09 | 11:19AM

The Washington Post's lead editorial today, while polite about the Obama op-ed appearing nearby (and which Phil Klein discussed here this morning), also punctures many of its and his stimulus package's pretensions:

As credible experts, including some Democrats, have pointed out, much of this "long-term" spending either won't stimulate the economy now, is of questionable merit, or both. Even potentially meritorious items, such as $2.1 billion for Head Start, or billions more to computerize medical records, do not belong in legislation whose reason for being is to give U.S. economic growth a "jolt," as Mr. Obama himself has put it. All other policy priorities should pass through the normal budget process, which involves hearings, debate and -- crucially -- competition with other programs.

Too bad the editorial goes on to explain how Sen. Susan Collins could help Obama out of this mess.

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