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By on 11.8.05 | 9:18AM

Just back from my polling place in Old Town, Alexandria. As it is in a densely populated area, there are normally very long lines on any given Election Day. Not so this morning. A ghost town, in fact. Now, Old Town is chock-full-o-lefties, so maybe there's hope for my man Jerry Kilgore. We shall see…if he pulls it out, it will be in spite of a pretty poorly run campaign.

I still wish Doug Forrester well today in New Jersey, and I think he'd make a great Governor, but the 11th hour ad he authorized which features Jon Corzine's ex-wife talking about how Corzine let down his family is disgusting and shameful. I know it's New Jersey and all, but still…

This came in on the Blackberry from my friend author and conservative strategist Craig Shirley this morning: "Please explain to me how our children have had no school yesterday and today so that the Teachers Unions can go out and organize for Democratic candidates -- but the schools will be open on Friday when the federal Government and most offices will be closed to commemorate our nation's war heroes?" Such an explanation, seems to me, should be demanded indeed.

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