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By on 11.7.05 | 2:16PM

The media over the weekend were trying hard to cast the riots in France as the product of youth, not Islamic, angst; I caught a few strained parallels to the youth protests of the 1960s from one of CNN's PC correspondents. The media are loath to acknowledge a creeping Eurabia, though that's getting harder to overlook when the rioters themselves are saying, "This is jihad." According to the muddled post-mortems from panicky liberals, the unrest is somehow the result of French repression. This illustrates once again that the West's greatest enemy is itself. Haven't the liberals of Europe noticed that Islamic attacks from Scandinavia to Spain to Britain to France are occurring in the countries most accomodating of Islam? And why is this? Because the Islamic groups know that more, not less, accomodation of Islam will follow the attacks. Sarkozy in France has already learned this; he has been rapped on the knuckles for saying that rioters torching cars are "scum." Â

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