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Kristol Out, N.Y. Times’ Loss

By on 1.26.09 | 1:15AM

At the end of his weekly New York Times column today comes this cold announcement: "This is William Kristol's last column." That completes the rout of Nov. 4, 2008. There'll be dancing in the liberal streets. And so we have that rarity in today's economically declining media -- someone let go for purely political reasons. On top of that, someone let go who is its lone conservative voice and a most readable, not only Washington- but New York-savvy voice.

Kristol notes in his piece that Jan. 20, 2009 marked the end of a conservative era, and challenges liberalism to defend liberty to the same extent the right has since the election of Ronald Reagan. Or to the extent FDR did. President Obama's success, he writes, will depend on whether he follows their lead. Dinner with Barack Obama didn't save Kristol at the Times, but it did give him the last word. And now the Times can return to talking to itself.

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