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Economic Recovery or, y’know, not

By on 1.22.09 | 7:02PM

Amy Menefee at the Galen Institute quirks an eyebrow at the idea of Congress "stimulating the economy" with your tax dollars. That's why we're going to try out the Pepsi Challenge for Socialized Medicine! (Copyright pending):

The U.S. Congress is hammering out a legislative attempt to "stimulate" the economy with taxpayer-funded health care initiatives, including information technology (IT) and comparative effectiveness research on drugs and treatments.

It looks like China has a similar -- and similarly misguided -- idea about linking government involvement in health care to economic "stimulus."

What Amy doesn't know is that we've replaced the Chinese version of socialized medicine with the brand new flavor of American socialized medicine! Let's see if she can tell the difference.

...Government bureaucrats might deem some treatments or drugs acceptable and get rid of the rest. What frightening effects that would have on the patients who respond only to a particular treatment. It would be a devastating blow to patient freedom and would eliminate the choice to find what works for each individual.

Nope! She can't! She dislikes it just as much!

But what if there are people out there who never bothered checking out Chinese socialized medicine? Well, they're about to.

Joking aside, have you ever met anyone that did a medical trial of a drug, and found something that worked, only for that medicine to be deemed "ineffective" on a larger scale, and thus discontinued, effectively dooming the patient? Happens. All. The. Time. Will it get worse under the Obama plan? Yes.

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