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Coleman Spokesman: Senator Needs To Earn A Living

By on 1.22.09 | 12:10PM

A spokesman for Norm Coleman cautioned against reading too much into the news that his boss has accepted a job at the Republican Jewish Committee, which I blogged about earlier.

"It's pretty simple, Sen. Coleman is not a member of the millionaires' club and he needs to work to a earn a living," spokesman Mark Drake told me on a phone call. "This changes nothing in the current contest, which we expect Sen. Coleman to prevail in."

He added that, "he has a mortgage and he's got a couple of kids in college."

The Coleman campaign is contesting the election on grounds that some ballots were double counted while the state did not follow a uniform standard across the counties for including in the recount absentee ballots that were orignially rejected. Yesterday, the Al Franken campaign asked a court to dismiss the contest.

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