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Stay in the Kitchen (of liberalism)

By on 1.16.09 | 3:33PM

S.E. Cupp, a newly minted contributor to Fox Forum, is happy that Ms. magazine has run a cover with Obama sporting the "this is what a feminist looks like" t-shirt. It's an acknowledgement that women's issues can be advanced from men, and a positive sign from feminists. Does this mean that Obama is clipping the wings of civil rights profiteers both of racial minorities and women?

Ms. magazine has offended a lot of women in the past - both by glorifying and, in fact, celebrating abortion as an act of defiance against men, and by appearing anti-Semitic in refusing to run an ad honoring Israeli women. If the election of Barack Obama is opening feminists' eyes to the realities of the world - that men are valuable and important, and shouldn't be excluded from our fight for equality - then I am now a huge supporter of Barack Obama. Here's hoping the new feminist mantra can be "I Am Man, Hear Me Roar."

I sincerely doubt that American feminists, under current leadership, are ever going to consider the human rights side of their movement before the bra-burning part of it. If it were to step outside of the narrowly-defined box (we'll call it the Kitchen of Liberalism), left-leaning organizations that assert a right to abortion and mandated sick leave would drop their support and supposedly "delegitimize" them.

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