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Sex Sells

By on 1.13.09 | 3:19PM

I'm sure you've read the story (via a link on Drudge) about the 22-year-old woman from California who is auctioning off her virginity to to pay for her Master's in--get this--Family & Marriage therapy.  So far, the bidding is up to $3.7 million. I guess, she's cute enough.

There's also a mystique about virginity and an anonymous woman just trying to achieve her own version of the American Dream.  I'm sure that explains the price as well.

Despite the twisted-ness of it all, I bet there's a modern-day Gloria Steinem out there saying, "Way to go! You've turned the glass ceiling on it's head!"

Yet it's so obvious, she hasn't. She's turning to the last resort, the one Steinem and others like her argued women should not lean on.  Instead of using their bodies to succeed, women should use their brains. Imagine!

For all her ingenuity, I think it's a step back.

Plus, who wants to go to the marriage therapist who sold her virginity so she could charge you $80/hr to talk about your sexual relationship with your spouse?

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