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Browner the Socialist

By on 1.12.09 | 9:07AM

The lead story in the Washington Times today is tremendously important, showing the officially socialist ties of new White House "climate czar" Carol Browner. I should note that we at the Examiner were, as far as I know, the ones who first reported on this in the daily print media, with this editorial last Thursday. And, frankly, our editorial has more details than the Times story does about the radical agenda of Browner's Commission for a Sustainable World Society, including the group's own acknowledgement of the severe economic costs of its proposals. For all who believe in limited government, this is truly scary stuff.

As a final credit-where-it's-due note, let me mention that we at the Examiner were alerted to Browner's Socialist ties by the excellent Paul Chesser of Climate Strategies Watch (and loosely affiliated with the John Locke Foundation) and by Steven Milloy of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

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