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By on 1.11.09 | 12:41AM

Tom Wilson, the New Jersey GOP chair, sent out an email on behalf of Saul Anuzis. Included in it was this line:

The American Spectator wrote that "Saul is everybody's second choice" for RNC Chair. Well, I've been giving Saul a tough time about that one as a joke because Saul is my first choice; but if there's a multi-ballot vote, being everybody's second choice is right where you want to be.

That was news to me, because we don't take positions, at least not as a magazine, and certainly not on the blog. But it was even taken out of context. The "everybody's second choice" line was taken from a quote that Stacy McCain got from an audience member at the Press Club. It wasn't something put forward by Stacy himself. This was a pretty misleading thing that Wilson did.

Of course, Anuzis being the most easily-reached candidate ever, once I told him this, he immediately made the adjustment on his blog to reflect that. But I wanted to say clearly and for the record we're not endorsing Anuzis or anyone else.

Unfortunately for him, though, it appears there are other people who actually DID support him, but aren't now. One is Richard A. Bennett, who, sources say, has switched from all-out supporting Anuzis to supporting Mike Duncan. The rest of the Maine delegation followed suit.

Nebraska GOP chairman Mike Quandahl, an Anuzis supporter, also lost his race to keep his seat as of yesterday. We're not yet certain whether his successor, Mark Fahleson, will continue that support. The committeewoman of that state, DeMaro Carlson, may also have retracted her support.

I'll also have a few updates tomorrow about Blackwell and Steele. But now, it's time for bed.

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