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I hear those internships calling

By on 1.8.09 | 12:04PM

Just a friendly reminder that we do, in fact, have internships, and we're very flexible on starting dates. They're typically paid, depending on how long you can work with us. They're also, in the journalism world, very, very valuable. I worked on my college paper and thought I knew enough to get a start in journalism, and as it turns out, my AmSpec internship taught me I was wrong.

We're currently looking for good writers who want to learn a thing or two for the spring and summer. More information is on our About page. And even if you're not interested, you can pass this on to any college students you know -- people are always chomping at the bit for an opportunity for some real journalistic work.

One benefit among many is that we don't do the "Make A Copy For Me And Get Me Coffee" thing. Our interns get to write frequently and can really carve out a place for themselves if they have an idea of what they like to do. So come and be a part of the AmSpec family!

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