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No Jeb, How About Jack?

By on 1.6.09 | 4:04PM

Our friend Dave Weigel reminds us, just now, of an unsuccessful senatorial draft campaign I ran here about three years ago. Somehow, I don't think my idea of a replacement for Jeb Bush in the Senate race in Florida is quite as good now as it was then (when it was suggested as an emergency replacement for the flawed Katharine Harris), but even when I took it out for a test, uh, drive a few years back, I knew it wasn't a gimme. Meanwhile, I am disappointed in Jeb's decision. I am no fan of the  Bush family in general, but this Bush was a very solid conservative governor and would have been a near shoo-in for election to the Senate. Unlike Caroline Kennedy, he would have EARNED his spot by election from constituents who have already seen how he performs in office.

I do find him a bit arrogant, to say the least, and I would never want him to run for or be president, but I think he really ought to have run for the Senate. After all his brother did to hurt the Republican and conservative "brands," the least Jeb sould do is to help make up for his brothers' (and fathers') harm by holding a seat conservatives desperately need to hold. Again, then, the Bushes disappoint.

And if Jack wants to run, even at age 70, I'm sure we could do worse....


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