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The Liberal Approach to Peacekeeping

By on 12.29.08 | 3:13PM

A friend passed along this wonderfully (un)insightful petition to stop the violence. Note the firmness of the stand taken in the text:

I support immediate and strong U.S.-led diplomatic efforts to urgently reinstate a meaningful ceasefire that ends all military operations, stops the rockets aimed at Israel and lifts the blockade of Gaza. This is in the best interests of Israel, the Palestinian people and the United States.

If only diplomats had thought of this before! A petition! To stop the violence! In fact, if only we could soften the cruel visions of violence with cute captions, in the style of ICanHasCheezeburger. Let's give it a shot:

Man. Solving international crises is exhausting. I'm going to go take a nap.

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