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The Art of Purring

By on 11.3.05 | 12:12PM

Maureen Dowd is making a career of complaining of how she can't attract, let hold on to, a man of the male persuasion. Rather than savage Judith Miller for an alleged "tropism toward powerful men," she should study at the foot of Tina Brown and her ever-readiness to bow and scrape before powerful men.

What an unreliable anti-Bushie Brown turns out to be. Instead of piling on against the president for all the latest sins, today she allows herself to be diverted by the sudden sexiness of the new Prince Charles. His visit to America -- she joined the groupies at his New York appearances -- confirms that at age 56 he's come into his own and has "finally caught up with the zeitgeist." How so? "He's turned out to be a surprisingly good businessman in a way that's not just harmless but almost cool because it's socially responsible." Apparently he's into organic farming, a remarkable fete indeed, considering the royal families own no property in northern California. She kisses Mrs. Charles's hand as well: "She's smaller, prettier, more delicate than all those cruel horseface snaps would have you believe."

"'Now everyone can see how wonderful she is,' the prince told me quietly," Brown, with all her famous subtlety and implied intimacy, lets on. See how it's done, Maureen? Very quietly.

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