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‘Joe the Plumber’ Appalled

By on 12.10.08 | 3:17PM

Gasp!  'Joe the Plumber' told Glenn Beck he was 'appalled' at some of the things he heard come out of McCain's mouth while the two travelled together for a short period during the campaign.  Specifically, 'Joe' was unhappy about McCain's opinion on the bailout, which shouldn't exactly have been news to him.  I mean, the Maverick ran as a Republican, but he wasn't exactly a card-carrying conservative.

He did, however, think Sarah Palin was 'the real deal.' Whew. Aren't you relieved?

I guess if anyone can smell out the sometimes-appalling opinions of a politican it's a plumber, but then, 'Joe' wasn't appalled at the offer to sign a deal with a small publishing company in Texas (which he did).

It's America, anyone can have opinions. I'm the first to admit I liked the way 'Joe' was able to dissect some of Obama's ideas in a way the McCain camp had failed to by that point in the race.  ('Redistribute the wealth' has never been heard so many times in a span of a few days.)  And sure, he can be appalled at some of McCain's ideas, but it seems disingenuous for 'Joe' to go from just bein' a simple plumber looking to expand his company, to a knowledgable source on the bailout wondering why one of the more liberal GOP Presidential candidates in recent years wasn't more conservative, to signing a book deal to write "Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream."

But then, maybe, more power to him?!

It is, after all, America.

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