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Franken’s Change of Heart?

By on 12.8.08 | 7:02PM

It couldn't be! Talking Points Memo says Franken's downplaying--maybe even backing down--from the possibility of the Senate getting involved in the 100-Year-Recount. During a conference call with reporters:

Franken's lead recount lawyer Marc Elias said that on occasions when he's referenced the Senate as a possible place to ensure that ballots are counted -- and those quotes have been a main source for this speculation -- he was really referring back to a top state official's statements that this could go to the Senate as a point of law. In other words, he was not implying that the Franken camp thought this would be their chosen route.

"We have said consistently that we are taking this one step at a time," Elias said, later adding: "The suggestion that there are these discussions, which I read about in the newspaper, that suggest more than that, I just think is jumping the gun."

Does this mean Franken's had a change of heart? That he's suddenly not going to be a sore loser? That he'll sulk back to St. Louis Park--I mean New York--with his tail between his legs, satisfied to write satire until he's old and gray?

Heh. Now that's funny.

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