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By on 12.8.08 | 5:24PM

Some people think they've made it when they do television. Or when they get syndicated. Others know when they get quoted, say, on NPR.

National Review's Mark Hemingway (former AmSpec contributor and fellow Phillips Fellow) has a different barometer for success: Pancakes on his head.

An artist in Shakobee, Minnesota has made this his shtick. So while Andy Warhol gets away for tinkering with the colors of a bunch of Marilyn Monroe photos, I'm happy to report that this man shows that the economy hasn't done away with everything strange and unnecessary.

Hilariously, this was posted because the artist took umbrage that Hemingway sniffed at his previous painting: a nude Obama riding a unicorn. He (apparently wrongly) assumed it was a pro-Obama painting. I never bothered looking into the thing, but it always struck me as being a simply ironic kitschy thing the kids are into these days. Turns out that's exactly what the artist was going for.

Go to eBay and get your own.

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