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Obama Erects More Straw Men, Engages in Moral Equivalency in Iran Nuclear Deal Speech

By on 8.5.15 | 11:32PM

President Obama's speech in defense of his Iran nuclear deal at American University in Iran is about what you would expect. A liberal dose of demagoguery populated by straw men and engagement in moral equivalency. 

His main argument was that the people who opposed the Iran nuclear deal supported the War in Iraq as if the two were mutually exclusive. 

As usual he resorted to outright distortions and misrepresentation of the views of his critics as was the case with the interim deal:

Now, let me pause here just to remind everybody that when the interim deal was announced, critics -- the same critics we’re hearing from now -- called it “a historic mistake.”  They insisted Iran would ignore its obligations.  They warned that sanctions would unravel.  They warned that Iran would receive a windfall to support terrorism. 

Joe Biden’s Friends Fear Joe Biden Will Lose Joe Biden-ness As President

By on 8.5.15 | 6:34PM

Joe Biden is well known for many things, but his illustrious legacy of statesmanship is not first among the achievements that come to mind.

Yet, as Joe prepares to join the Democratic race for the 2016 nomination, his friends are warning him that taking on the nation's highest office could irreparably tarnish Joe Biden's otherwise spotless record. He's been such an effective partner for Barack Obama that they simply cannot imagine what Joe Biden would be like absent one half of the Dynamic Duo. And with a bitter fight likely on the horizon, they don't want to risk him losing - or, for that matter, the Democratic party losing.

A Question for The Donald During the Big Debate

By on 8.5.15 | 6:15PM

Donald Trump likes to boast of the billions he has made in his business career — somehow managing to hold onto his wealth despite (or, rather, because of) multiple bankruptcy filings. Companies or properties bearing his name sought Chapter 11 protection in 1991, 1992, 2004, and again in 2009. 

The Donald happily admits to using bankruptcy laws to “pare debt.” In an interview on ABC news in April 2011, he told George Stephanopoulos: “We’ll have this company. We’ll throw it into a (bankruptcy) chapter. We’ll negotiate with the banks. We’ll make a fantastic deal. You know, it’s like on ‘The Apprentice.’ It’s not personal. It’s just business.”

And to think that this paragon of business ethics (quoting the Mafia don in The Godfather) would suggest that John McCain had himself to blame for being captured after his plane was shot down in the Vietnam War — saying “I like people who aren’t captured.”

Jeb Bush Has a Guac “Bowle” You Can Buy for $75

By on 8.5.15 | 4:51PM

As we all wend our way to Iowa, the campaigns are on the ground trying to hawk their merchandise to unsuspecting caucus-goers who might happen to drive their minivans around their kids' soccer matches, using the power of the bumper sticker to motivate legions of grassroots activists. Most campaigns have a banal selection - Ted Cruz, for example, is all tee shirts and buttons, Mike Huckabee has mostly the kind of lawn signs you see covering up dead patches of transplanted sod in long-term trailer parking. Rand Paul has been, far and away, the most creative, even getting me to shell out $15 for this "Detroit Republican" tee shirt that I can't actually wear in Detroit.

Jeb Bush is the newest entrant into the game, is going with more high-end merchandise, including this "guacamole bowl," that will cost you a whopping $75 (and you don't even get a recipe for guacamole), and all of your saved-up sanity. 

Barry, Kenya Spare a Time?

By on 8.5.15 | 3:55PM

As July flowed into August, President Barack Obama paid a visit to his ancestral home of Kenya on the occasion of the Global Entrepreneurial Summit. There he managed to lecture Kenyan leadership on homosexual rights and further alienate his extended family. All in all, a successful trip.

The President’s half-brother, Kenyan national George Obama, was asked for a reaction by the Telegraph. He said that he and other family members experienced “disappointment” that the President chose not to visit his family’s hometown, despite “the promise of home-cooked food and a warm welcome.” Barack Obama did reach out to some of his family by flying them in to the capital city of Nairobi, to attend events with him there. The Telegraph specifically cited the President’s step-grandmother, Sarah Ogwel Onyango, but did not name the “other members of his extended family” whose visit to Nairobi he bankrolled.

Which Donald Trump Will Show Up?

By on 8.5.15 | 3:47PM

In every discussion of tomorrow's Republican presidential debate, the talking heads ask a question like this: "Will Donald Trump act 'presidential' or will he continue to be the bombastic bomb-thrower we've seen so far?" In short, "Which Donald Trump will show up?"

How strange is it that the man leading the GOP polling is so poorly understood (or, even worse, so well understood) that you don't know "who will show up?"

Sure, there's something to be said when it comes to business and even politics to have your opposition slightly wrong-footed. But how can someone so volatile and unpredictable actually be presidential material? I just don't get it.

Iran Deal Negotiations Will Not Ruin President’s Vacation

By on 8.5.15 | 1:18PM

The President will depart DC this week for Martha's Vineyard, where he will enjoy a fortnight of frolic among the bourgeoisie, playing rounds of golf and eating all sorts of over-priced seafood, possibly while dressed like someone's mother in a 1985 commercial for paper towels.

Meanwhile, he's supposed to be convincing members of Congress that the deal he and John Kerry negotiated with Iran, which will lift sanctions in return for basically nothing but Iranian assurances that they will not turn western Europe into a sea of green glass in a nuclear disaster. Although he gave a short speech and Tweeted out a couple of lame reasons for supporting the deal ("its deal or war!" - never mind Iran is already basically at war with everyone, anyway), he's leaving most of the convincing to his staff, who will call him to intervene with Democratic turncoats only if his influence is truly necessary.

Hillary Clinton Brings Out Southern Drawl for SC Dem Chairman

By on 8.5.15 | 1:00PM

Hillary Clinton would like to remind you that, for a large chunk of her life, she was forced to live in Arkansas, where almost nobody had a copy of Mao's Little Red Book, and people still did things like eat squirrels cooked on hot plates. While those moments still give her significant pause now and again - and probably recurring night terrors - she does find them useful when she needs to communicate with people who live below the Mason-Dixon line.

Yesterday, Hillary met with the South Carolina Democratic chairman and appeared on his public access television show, where she demonstrated how well she knows the "language of the South," by falling into a fake Southern accent. 

The Weekly Standard compiled the greatest hits from the interview. They have also helpfully demonstrated her level of pandering with a "cowboy boot scale," one boot being less pander-y, five boots being one step away from decorating her campaign bus with Truck Nutz.