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Is Following the Law An Ideology?

By on 11.1.05 | 9:59AM

Judging by all the mindless gabbing last night on TV about Alito, the left has very little to work with. One of MSNBC's pinheads, scrambling to find some angle, any angle, to raise questions about Alito's suitability for the Court, asked correspondent Pete Williams if the judge's stated "reverence" for the Supreme Court suggested that he would approach cases too religiously. Williams could only laugh at the stupidity of the question.

All the left can do is draw manifestly unfair inferences about Alito's fidelity to their nebulous criterion, "constitutional values," from his rulings. This requires turning every one of his rulings into a referendum on his heart. If he said that such and such a law is "constitutional," then he obviously supported that law. Hence we know he is a machine gun fanatic because he didn't rule a law involving them unconstitutional. But I notice from at least one poll that this willfully immature spin on his jurisprudence won't always cut in the Dems' favor. On the much-discussed Pennsylvania abortion case, the position they ascribe to Alito -- that spouses should be notified if their unborn child is about to be aborted -- receives overwhelming support from the American people. The Democrats are anti-spousal rights! How can they take such an extremist position?

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