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Catholics, 5 to 4

By on 11.1.05 | 7:17AM

Via Mirror of Justice and Volokh Conspiracy, BenedictBlog works through the implications of five Catholics on the Supreme Court. My favorites:

10) Meat-less Fridays all year round in the Supreme Court cafeteria;

9) Oral arguments in Latin;


6) Supreme Court windows replaced with stained glass;

5) On close votes, the Justices will consult a statue of St. Thomas More. If the statue weeps, they affirm; if no tears, then they reverse.

4) Incense at the start of each session;

3) Supreme Court opinions will be deemed infallible and unreviewable by any earthly authority [Ed. - Sorry -
that does not appear to be a change at all

2) Catechism of the Catholic Church will now be "persuasive authority";

And, the number one change which a Catholic majority would make to the Supreme Court . . .

1) Wednesday night bingo!

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