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More on Gordon Smith and Questionable Vote Counting

By on 11.5.08 | 1:38PM

We received a note that there was a possibility that Multnomah County's election offices were flooded and that the "press was being asked to leave." It sounded sketchy, so I called to check it out.

According to Shawn Cunningham in their public affairs office, no press has been asked to leave whatsoever. There's a little bit of water in the basement, "the building was built in 1925," and they needed to move the ballots, which the press is welcome to bear witness to. He says that there are observers watching this process closely. I haven't yet checked in with GOP or DNC observers, but that's the word so far.

If anyone has been prohibited from viewing a part of this effort, however, please contact us immediately via email at, with "OREGON:" in the subject line.

UPDATE: Does anyone know anyone who's actually observing here?

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