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Growing in Office

By on 11.4.08 | 9:26PM

Barack Obama is going to be our next president.  It is now time to pray for better outcomes and better policies than many of us expect.  The best hope is that he will heed the general movement of the past quarter century and not head left on economics.  You've got to believe there are some smart Brookings types offering that kind of counsel.

On healthcare, I do think changes are on the way.  The premiums are just way higher than they were in 1992.  More people are ready to give in on this front.  I think it will happen.  Again, hope for a plan with some serious policy smarts to it rather than rank collectivization.

Abortion.  This is my biggest concern.  Will Obama attempt to pass a Freedom of Choice Act that will invalidate thirty years of incremental restrictions carefully built up at the state level?  I predict he will not.  What he will do is cement the fundamental holding of Roe/Casey for a few generations with Supreme Court picks.  Planned Parenthood will settle for that.

The war?  I'm no expert, but I have to believe we are committed regardless of what Obama promised in the campaign.  Too much blood and treasure.  Too much chance of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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