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Exit Polls Show Obama Outperforming Kerry Among White Men in OH, IN, VA

By on 11.4.08 | 4:48PM

Fox News just announced some exit polls showing John McCain with double digit leads among white men in Indiana, Ohio, and Virginia, but I just looked at the corresponding exits from 2004, and it turns out that Obama is drastically outperforming Kerry among this demographic, according to exits which, granted, need to be taken with a grain of salt. In Ohio, McCain is leading Obama 51-47 among white men, but Bush won them 56-43; in Indiana, it's 54-44 for McCain, compared to 65-34 for Bush; in Virginia, it's 58-37 in favor of McCain, compared to 72-27 for Bush. True, Bush won Virginia and Indiana by comfortable margins, so there's some buffer for McCain.

In better news for McCain, the exits showed him leading by 11 points among late deciders in Virginia, but he's trailing Obama among this group in Indiana and Ohio.

Again, this needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as we learned last time. But how can I resist?

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