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The Mother of All Corrections

By on 11.4.08 | 2:33PM

An editorial discussing a recent LGBT "educational" event from the Columbia University newspaper, the Spectator (no relation):

Because of an editorial mistake, the original version misstated that Columbia Queer Alliance was responsible for Queer Awareness Month. While CQA and QuAM collaborate on some programs, QuAM is its own unique group. The editorial also misstated that a giant inflatable penis was part of QuAM's opening tabling. It was in fact part of a different campus event.

At AmSpec we would never, ever, ever make the mistake of assuming the Columbia Queer Alliance is one and the same as the Queer Awareness Month group.

Speaking of important lessons learned, the Spectator sprays more wisdom onto an unassuming audience:

Future QuAM organizers should recognize that not all Columbia students are comfortable enough in their own skin for an explicit celebration of their sexuality. The month-long event is a celebration of the LBGT community, but it must be sure to focus on awareness and education before revelry.

Here here! Now for the true moral of the tale:

No student should be so overwhelmed by the more explicit revelry during Queer Awareness Month that he or she misses its effective educational programming.

Man, that is so true.

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