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Hand Over That Peanut Butter Sandwich

By on 10.30.08 | 3:39PM

Sarah Moore has some timely thoughts on Obama's Inaccurate Peanut Butter Analogy:

Senator Barack Obama recently told an adorable story about how he shared his peanut butter sandwich with a friend when he was in fourth grade. His adoring fans then laughed on cue when he said, "I guess that's why they call me a re-distributionist!"

The problem with his amusing childhood tale is that it is not at all an accurate analogy for what he wants to impose on our country. Let's try this instead:

When I was in fourth grade, I walked up to a kid at the next lunch table and demanded his peanut butter sandwich. He agreed, because I threatened him, and then I gave that sandwich to my friend.

I think it's wonderful to share your own peanut butter sandwich with a friend ... or even a stranger! I am teaching my daughter to share every day. However, I am not teaching her to reach into a friend's toy box and take a truck home in order to give it to another friend who she thinks needs it more.

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