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Principle Comes First

By on 10.31.05 | 12:52PM

Sunday's Washington Post Style section had some fun with the bash we at The American Spectator hosted last Thursday night: "The luminaries of the right were all there at the Hotel Monaco in Chinatown. The drinks were flowing at the pre-meal reception, and regrets [about Harriet Miers's withdrawal earlier that day] were not to be found."

Why this absence of regret on a day of major Republican embarrassment? "For a lot of conservatives, our mind-set is we're not Republicans," AmSpec publisher Al Regnery explained to the Post. "We're swimming upstream, we're holding the party accountable, we're on the outside. Our job is always swimming upstream." What we saw in Miers's defeat was "principle ris[ing] above politics." Standing for principle, in other words, "is what we should be doing."

The nomination of Samuel Alito should make that a lot easier.

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